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Traditional English timber sliding sash windows, which look just like originals yet meet the new compulsory standards, that is what we produce and supply.

These sliding sash windows are suitable for replacements in historic listed buildings or in conservation areas. Modern sash windows are also available for new contemporary buildings.

Original sash windows consist of two glazed sashes, which slide vertically in a timber frame, supported by cards that are balanced with lead weight. In windows with spiral balances the sash can slide and tilt.

These windows usually have thin glazing bars, decorated with oval or lambs-tongue mouldings, and shutters were often positioned either side with similar detailing to provide security or warmth. They are double – glazed. The internal double-glazing makes them extremely difficult to break into. They are also glazed from the inside, which means the glazing cannot be removed from the outside.

Why timber?

Timber is the best material for character, warmth, comfort, durability, window/door construction, heat retention.
The main timber generally used: oak (is used for sills and also as building material for windows), pine, mahogany, and larch. We are using laminated triple-layer wood. Three layers are used because this technology prevents the window frame from crooking and increases the lifetime of the windows. The outer layers are radial or half radial cut and this method protects window surfaces from wood cleavage.

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