Thermo Panel

Energy saving never looked better

Decoline provides Thermo Panel in high quality and is a natural choice for insulation in home and offices. Energy saving is the main focus of people nowadays as the dependence on fossil fuel has created a shortage of energy producing fuel. Thermo Panel is an insulation product that provides high insulation to the homes and offices and is very easy to assemble. The product is highly flexible and numerous variations are available with us, making the product highly versatile. The thermo panels are available in numerous materials like steel sheets, cement bound particle boards, mineral wool, etc. and it seals the energy inside the homes, making them energy efficient. Our thermo panels do not get damaged even when they come in contact with the moisture or rain as the foam inside the panels does not absorb moisture. The thermo panels we provide are designed to suit the client’s home and budget with a great emphasis on energy efficiency and solar orientation.

Whether your house is traditional or modern we provide you with external materials accordingly and all the materials we source are from sustainable sources. The thermally insulated panel will cut down your energy bills and is a multipurpose material which can be used in various places like individual houses, offices, public buildings, offices, etc. It provides fast and effective wall insulation and expressive exteriors of the constructions. If you are looking for high-quality Thermo panels, then Decoline provides one of the best panels that are designed according to the existing space.