Roller blinds

Say goodbye to curtains

Roller Blinds are one of the most convenient and economical way of decorating widows for seeking comfort and functionality. They are used either in combination with curtains or as a single element. Roller blinds are very useful as they offer maximum protection from the sunlight. Although curtains are extremely used but now a days, with roller blinds, you can expect the same amount of protection during the day and the night. They come in various fabrics and hence can be selected or combined as the choice demands.

At Decoline, the materials we use for making roller blinds are polystyrene and other types of impregnated materials which help to keep the dust off, do not attract moisture, and retain their shape with no sign of fading. This keeps them running for a long period of time. We also used non-combustible materials which are very useful for spaces which are subjected to fire. This helps I keeping up with safety requirement norms for places like schools, hospitals, etc. With roller blinds one is sure to keep their homes protected and secure. Not only these, with the introduction of double side printing, roller blinds can be printed o dual sides and hence act as an enhancer and add well to your home décor.

We at Decoline believe in utilizing all resources optimally with respect to the demand of our consumer and hence give them all the support and knowledge from the human resources that we have. Hence customize your roller blinds by combining our expertise and add an aura of elegance to your house.