Decorative panels

Bring your walls to life

One of the most upcoming trends in the home design industry is the fashion of decorative panels. Wall panels are an interesting home décor that come in a wide array of textures, finishes and grains. We at Decoline, we stress not just on the aesthetic appeal of these panels but also at their functional aspects. With endless choices in wall panels, we bring forth many varieties such as project panels, plank panels, bead board, lionite, finished panels, wood grain, project panels and wainscot.

Decorative panels help to hide that unevenness that your walls might have due to withering. Hence, they are extremely useful in renovating. Most of us keep postponing the task of getting our walls done but with our wall panels; your home is sure shot to look attractive ad that too at economic prices! Wall panels also help in long term maintenance of walls. At Decoline, We have panels in various surfaces such as wood, polyutherane, melamine, etc. which can be customized according to the needs of the customers.

With easy installation and maintenance, these are what a home need today. They not only help in concealing the wiring and the mess it causes but also bring a sophisticated look to the entire house. With such amenities, the Decoline wall panels have a very advantageous feature – they are reusable! So choose from the plethora of range that we bring to you and give your home the makeover it needs with permanent wall panels that are long lasting and doesn’t require any maintenance.